About us

1828 is a neoliberal platform founded to champion freedom.

With the recent resurgence of socialist ideas on the left and social conservatism on the right, 1828 provides a platform for individuals to champion the alternative: economic and personal freedom.

We believe that all our lives have been positively changed by the spread of free-market capitalism, as well as social liberalism. Whether it’s the vast technological changes we have enjoyed, the life-changing advances in medicine, the global reduction in extreme poverty, or the advances in women’s and LGBT+ rights, we know that economic and social liberalism – giving individuals power over their own money and lives – is the path to a more prosperous, inclusive and accepting society.

And no generation has ever been as liberal-minded as young people today, so let’s embrace – and win – the battle of ideas.

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For all media enquiries, please contact: media@1828uk.com or contact +44 7305 301736

Our team:


Jack Powell

Founder & Editor

jack.powell@1828uk.com | @powelljack_



Matt Gillow


matt.gillow@1828uk.com | @matt_gillow



Simon Gentry


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