1828 is a neoliberal opinion website.

With the recent resurgence of socialist ideas, 1828 provides a platform for individuals to encourage the alternative: political and economic freedom.

We believe that all our lives have been positively changed by the spread of free-market capitalism. Whether it’s the vast technological changes we have enjoyed, the life-changing advances in medicine, or the global reduction in extreme poverty, we know that economic liberalism – giving individuals power over their own money and lives – is the path to prosperity.

As Milton Friedman said: “Underlying most arguments against the free market is the lack of belief in freedom itself.”

We at 1828 know that when individuals are free to choose for themselves, they choose freedom. Indeed, no generation has ever been as liberal-minded as young people today, so let’s embrace – and win – the battle of ideas.

Our team:


Jack Powell

Founder & Editor

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Matt Gillow

Founder and Head of Public Affairs

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